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Meet Jody - Owner of Hops of the Lakeshore

Jody Immink– Owner of Hops on the Lakeshore

Growing up in Laketown Township, Jody loved spending summers in the fields, on horses, or trekking up the dunes at the beach. She loves to kayak, bike, hike, and go on adventurous travels when she's not running her co-ed hockey team! Her love of the Laketown area and her passion for community fun lead her to start "Hops on the Lakeshore": a premier West Michigan outdoor venue for weddings, events and gatherings. She loves to champion any activity that brings community together, so be sure to contact her below and let her host your next event! 

Meet Gary- Owner of West Michigan Hops Farm

Gary has lived on the farm property for the over 30 years.  He retired from the Holland Fire Department in 2013 and is now is busier than ever driving truck, farming, riding his Harley, and maintaining his custom fabrication business: "Four Off Fabrication".  Gary has three grown daughters and an old dog named Howard.  Gary can usually be found in his metal shop helping out all his friends and family who stop by. 

Located between the gorgeous destination towns of Holland and Saugatuck, Hops on the Lakeshore is the premier outdoor event venue. 

West Michigan Hops Farm has been producing Cascade, Chinook, and Centennial varieties of hops since 2014. Hops are a perennial, so they do not need to be replanted each year, but they do require extensive manual maintenance to grow properly. Each spring the hop bines need to be “trained”, meaning each plant must be wrapped clock-wise around the line or "cord" to encourage skyward growth. Hops wrapped counter-clockwise risk unraveling once the bines become laden. An average acre has 900 plants needing to be trained every May. The hop season is typically May – September, with harvest occurring in the fall. Hops are harvested by cutting the top and bottom of the string they are wrapped around, drying the bine, and sending the entire section through a processor which shucks off the cone and grinds them into pellets for resale.

Hops are a weed that aggressively grow 20 feet tall on large, twisting, bines covered in fibrous hairs that can irritate unprotected skin much like fiberglass. They are not your average garden crop, and while are hardy and persistent growers, they still manage to be very delicate when it comes to the amount of water they need and how susceptible they are to pests. The average acre of hops can produce about 1,800 pounds of hop cones, which are the flower of the hop plant. Brewers used dried, pelletized hop flowers, or in some cases the raw "wet" flowers, to add bitterness to their brews.






West Michigan Hops Farm

3850 61st Street
Holland, MI, 49423


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Hops on the Lakeshore

Located at West Michigan Hops Farm

3850 61st Street
Holland, MI, 49423